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Bridge City F.A.M. program
Outdoors, Fishing, and Farming Program

Introducing at-risk youth to new skills and unfamiliar experiences expands the imagination and
breaks down mental barriers. Plus, introducing these skills and new experiences can lead at-risk
youth to consider the possibility of entering farming, fishing, and agriculture as a profession. At a
minimum kids will share lifelong experiences that can serve as healing and wellness for kids
from traumatic childhoods.

Three man fishing

We believe our fathers and mentors we have involved in our program serve as surrogate fathers
and mothers to our at-risk youth. Oregon’s outdoors has a lot to share with its at-risk youth
population. Unfortunately, very few at-risk youths get an opportunity to experience Oregon’s
natural beauty outside of Outdoor school. Our Bridge City FAM outdoors fishing and farming is
designed to simulate the family dynamic of fathers and mentors spending consistent quality time
with their son or daughter.
Bridge City F.A.M. program seeks to introduce at-risk youth ages 13-18 to the beauty of
Oregon’s nature. Introducing fishing and farming as occupation options as well as wellness and
healing tools. Giving kids the responsibility of taking care of farm animals and or being
responsible for duties at the community garden will help build great foundational work ethic
skills. This foundation will serve as a template for success moving forward and will positively
affect all areas of life. The Bridge City F.A.M.’s Outdoors, fishing, and farming to add
hope and make kids feel whole.

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